How do I book a party? Parties are booked on a first come first serve basis. When a party date is confirmed, a 50% deposit is necessary to secure your date. The balance will be due in cash the day of the party. You may also pay via Personal Check, Money Order, Cash or Major Credit Card 3 days prior to the party.

How early should I book my Entertainment? 4-6 weeks is a good time line, but don’t let that scare you from contacting us last minute. Busy weekends are completely random and change on a yearly basis. If you know you are having a party on a holiday weekend please contact us as early as you can. These weekends tend to fall around these dates (Easter, 4th of July, the weekend before Halloween and the weekend of Halloween, Thanksgiving, weekends in December, New Years Eve, High School Graduation weekends). We highly recommend having a weekday birthday party during these time periods in order to get the best availability & a price cut.

What are your office hours? Tuesday- Thursday 10am-5pm. E-mails are answered at all times of the day and is the best way to get a price quote. Please fill out our online form and we will get back to you asap.

What if our guests are late? Our time is limited. If your party is running late it will cause us to be late for every party after yours. We always do our best to work around your time frame and guests, but we cannot wait for late arrivals if there are other events after yours. In order to avoid late arrivals please schedule your entertainment with your guest arrival in mind. We reccommend inviting your guests 30 minutes before performance start time. However, certain groups and entertainment require more or less for their guest arrival time.

The most important thing to take into account when doing a party at a restaurant is to make sure there’s at least a 10×10 area in front of the backdrop for entertainment with a 30 minute interaction show. The next most important thing is to have an outlet very near the backdrop because of the noise level we will definitely need to use a microphone. Otherwise, we are flexible!

How do I pay you? We accept Cash, Check, Money Order, & Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, AMEX, & Discover).

Is there a travel fee? All package pricing include time travel, gas, & vehicle usage for a 20 mile radius from the north side of Chicago (Irving Park & 90/94). If you are outside of this radius we will try to find a performer in your area to avoid this fee. Otherwise, party bookings outside of this radius will have a traveling fee added to their price. Travel fee is based on length of time you are hiring the performer, day of the week, and Google Maps.

Should I give my performer a tip? Tips are not included into the price. They are not required, but are greatly appreciated.

How long does a Balloon last? If you leave the balloon in room temperature and away from direct sunlight it can last up to 2 weeks. Some clients have kept their balloon for years! The balloon will get smaller and smaller everyday.

How long does the Face Paint stay on? Face Painting is water based paint, so it will come off with sweat and water. Colors fade the longer you wear the face paint.

What is the Face Paint made of? All face paint used by our company is FDA make-up specifically designed for the skin. None of our artists use CRAFT PAINT, as it is toxic, and should never be used as face paint. There are no soy or nut products used in the paint. Artist’s are expected to clean all sponges and brushes before every party, and we do our best to keep any contagious children with rashes or illness from getting a face paint. It is also expected that parents have the ettiquet to prevent the spreading of illness, and it is an assumption that if the child were contagious in any way, they would not be at the party.

Is a deposit required? Upon booking, Purchaser will need to mail or e-mail a signed copy of our contract with a 25% or 50% deposit (Depends on total) in order for us to hold Purchaser’s performer(s), date, and time slot. Your deposit will be deducted from your total and the remaining balance will be due Mon-Thursday before your event or on the date of your event.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule? Due to the limited number of time slots for our Artists and Performers to work, we do not take cancellations lightly. We do understand that life happens and in the event of an emergency we will provide our best efforts to rescheduling with you or filling the time slot with another party. However, if there is a cancellation by the Purchaser within 15 days of the performance date and we cannot fill the time slot or agree on a time and date for rescheduling, a cancellation fee of $50 will be paid to the performer by the purchaser. If there is a cancellation by the Purchaser within 5 days of the performance date and we cannot fill the time slot with another party, 50% of balance will be paid to the performer.

What if my performer has to cancel? If there is a cancellation or rescheduling made by the Performer due to acts of god, national performance oppurtunies, or airline delays/cancellations, we will expend our best efforts to find an acceptable date & time or substitute at an equal or lesser fee. At which point the Purchaser has the option to accept or decline. If Purchaser declines, Deposit will be returned in full. If performer is a “No Show” for any reason, Deposit & Balance will be returned in full.

Liability for Damage- All of our Entertainers are insured by The World Clown Association or The Performer’s of the U.S., in case of accidents caused by Performer’s props or performances. We will treat your home, your guests, and/or party location with utmost respect, and provide a professional service. We assume no responsibility or liability for accidents or damage caused by party guests. In return, we appreciate your assurance to ensure that our assets and person(s) are treated with respect. We also, do not recommend balloons for children under 3 years of age, as balloons are a choking hazard.

Disclaimer: We are pleased to provide costume character entertainment for your themed events! Please note that it is not our intention to violate copyright laws, so we attempt to make our characters different from nationally known, copyrighted characters using originally designed costumes of our own creation.

We look forward to helping you at your next party!
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