Three Party Poles

Three Party Poles

PriceFrom $125.00

Yard Balloons are the Best Covid Friendly Birthdaya Surprise!  


You get 2 digits and 1 party Pole.


Party pole can be birthday related, but we also have many themed balloons.  So just ask. ;)

Example: Unicorn, vidoe game, birthday cake, ice cream, dolphin, cubs, bears, Hawks, Stanley cup, Soccer ball.  Etc Etc.  

  • Balloons Pop!

    We use the highest quality balloons on the market and have educated ourselves with the most up-to-date techniques, but at the end of the day, balloons can and do pop.  We cannot be responsible for popped balloons once we deliver and set up designs.  Creations are only meant to last the life of a party, but can last for several days.  Foil balloons can last for years, so please recycle them.  If you design lasts for days and weeks and months - BONUS!   But please get your pictures early, as we cannot gaurantee anything!  

  • When do you deliver?

    We deliver between 6am-9am.  If you need something different feel free to request.  Some time frames may require additional delivery fee.

  • Pick Up

    Our pick up location is in Mount Prospect.  If you'd like to pick up small orders, please tell me that in the last section of the cart or under Notes.  Our prefrence is to deliver, because most of the time orders are too large, and it's tricky getting them into vehicles we don't know.  Anything larger than a bouquet or a standard marquee and you could very well be Chevy Chase in a National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Do not under estimate the size of your car/balloon order.  ;)