Pop Drops

Pop Drops


Hang these around the room and pop them to Ring in the New Year!  It's the next best thing to a balloon drop.

All drops come with 3m hook for ceiling and Popping wand.

18 inch Clear balloon: $45

-Comes with approximately 15-25 balloons and Confetti inside.


24 inch Clear Balloon: $75

-Comes with approximately 50-75 balloons and confetti inside.


3 foot clear Balloon:  $95

-Comes with approximately 75-100 balloons and confetti inside.


Add On's:

NYE Accessory Kit!    $15 Total    Comes with 5x Top Hats, 5x Horns, 5x Beads, 5x Tiaras.

Air filled Jumbo Latex Balloon:  $6 each.  

Kids LOVE to play with these!  My kids will play with these big round balloons for hours.  I kid you not!  Just yesterday the whole family played "Keepy Uppy" for 2 solid hours.  Oh...and there is nothing like taking a big balloon balloon and beating your husband with it a little bit.  Especially after beign contained inside with each other for such a long period of time.  LOLOL!  


Party Cup:  Balloon Character or animal on top of a cup filled with party favors. $10 each.

Fun Bag:  Bag filled with Play balloons.  Sword, Wand, Animals, Characters, loose balloons, etc.

Helium Bouquet $69.  Comes with 1 mega foil, 4 stars, 6 11inchlatex round balloons, hi-float, ribbon, weight. 


Add on


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Monday - Thursday: 9:30am-11:30am

Text or call for Emergencies anytime!

EMAIL is the BEST option for quotes.  We can get you a nice list of packages and tell you who is available.  

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