Package 1

The Impressive Package. 

(Indoor Design) 

-You get the 40 inch age balloon, 

-Assortment of latex helium balloons, 

-Custom saying (Happy B- Day, Happy Mother's Day, Happy New Year, Happy Anniversary, Etc), 

-Detailed flare (swirls, stars, shapes).

-One customized 2 foot balloon sculpture or detailed foils to match the theme (princess, flowers, Sports, beer, ice cream, cake, superhero, swirls, etc.- Sky is the limit).

Click here for foil balloon options.

Pricing Ranges from


Package 2

The Surprise Package.

(Indoor Design)

A). Comes with:

-Age balloon

- Assortment of helium balloons

-small themed character or Birthday Balloon.



B). 4 foot character holding small assortment of helium balloons

Click here for foil balloon options. 

Total $75

Package 3

Yard Columns!

40 inch Age number or Foil Balloon Announcment on a column.

Pricing is $50 (for one number/Foil)

                $80 (for 2 numbers/Foil)

Add On’s:

18-inch balloon  (Happy Birthday or Happy anniversary) is $25.00 each

40-inch balloon (Themed character or Bigger Happy Birthday Balloon) is $35.00 each.


We can do a lot of different themes, just ask. ;) 

Click here for foil options.  

Yard Add Ons

Prices range between $10 and $20.  

We provide a lower/packaged rate for add-on's to orders over $100.

Big Fireworks

Shorty Columns

Small Firework

Small Flowers

Big Flower


Package 4

Custom Quote Poles. 


Write out ANYTHING in Balloons.

Does not have to be happy birthday.

Pricing is $125 for two columns with two 40 inch foils, and “Happy Birthday”.

If you want to add an age or custom saying ask and I will price it out.


It’s typically $3 per letter or number.

Package 5

BIG Numbers/Letters. 

Great for car parade and yard.

4-5 foot $75 each.

8-10 foot $125 each.

***Add themed details.  $2-$10




Soccer Ball

18inch happy birthday balloon



Outdoor Balloon arch that stacks in the grass:

-6x8 $100 for 2 colors, $125 for 3 colors, $150 for 4 colors. $175 for 5 colors


-10X10 $200 for 2 colors, $225 for 3 colors, $250 for 4 colors, $275 for 5 colors.

Email for a quote on bigger arches or Indoor. 

***Bases also have additional cost. 

Office Hours


Chicago's Balloon Twister & Company


Monday - Thursday: 9:30am-11:30am

Text or call for Emergencies anytime!

EMAIL is the BEST option for quotes.  We can get you a nice list of packages and tell you who is available.  

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